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Turbo calorie

A new solution to reduce oil in the ration

Benefits :
  • Consumption feed in an efficient and optimal manner
  • Improving the conversion factor and having a positive effect on growth rate
  • Optimizing the use of energy sources, particularly oil
  • Reducing the costs of poultry farming and increasing profitability
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    Turbo calorie supplement

    Feeding accounts for the largest part of variable costs (Approximately 60-70%) in poultry production. The part that provides energy is usually one of the most expensive feed items, and paying attention to the supply of appropriate energy in the ration is of great importance in poultry nutrition. The results of various studies in this field have shown that increasing or reducing the energy of the ration, both affects the feed intake and influences efficient use of feed and subsequently the growth rate.

    The animal’s need for energy is divided into three parts, energy for maintenance or basic metabolism, energy for egg or muscle production, and energy for activity. The energy intake is considered an essential factor in the production of broiler chickens because it not only affects the growth rate and carcass characteristics, but it also is an effective factor in the occurrence of some metabolic diseases such as ascites and fatty liver syndrome in broiler chickens. Poultry performance in terms of feed conversion factor largely depends on the level of metabolic energy of the feed. It is assumed that transgenic birds have higher energy requirements for faster growth.

    Feed intake is effective in increasing body weight, conversion factor and carcass quality. Factors such as the dietary factors (Ration nutrient composition, feed formulation, level of raw materials and pellet quality) and management factors (Availability of feed and water for birds, management of breeding environment, diseases) individually or cumulatively affect feed intake in poultry.

    Among the mentioned factors, the dietary factors (composition of ration nutrients) have been reported to have a significant effect, so that the energy received through the ration has the greatest effect on the poultry feed intake and by reducing or increasing the energy received in the ration, the feed intake increases or decreases.

    Nutrients consumed by poultry produce energy when they are oxidized during metabolism. Energy is required for homeostasis, growth, egg production and bird mobility.

    The level of use of different sources of energy in the ration should be taken into account in formulating poultry feed, because the increase or decrease in the energy of the ration can be a key factor in determining not only the cost, but also the quality of the final product, and the special Turbo calorie supplement as a suitable alternative for sources of energy used in the feed, by providing the energy needs and replacing part of the oil used in the ration, helps nutritionists accurately estimate the energy content of the feed, and as a result, improving bird performance and efficiency and making regulatory rations more cost-effective.

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