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Phosphorus Plus

A concentrated source of phosphorus supply with high availability

Benefits :
  • Containing phosphorus enriched with prebiotics and organic acids
  • Creating suitable conditions to improve the maximum availability of phosphorus
  • Containing high intake capability
  • Datails

    The importance of Phosphorus in feed

    One of the factors that affect the transfer and absorption of minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus in the animal body, is intestinal health. Therefore, any factor that helps to enhance intestinal health and its morphology, plays a significant role in the maximum absorption of phosphorus.

    The importance of using Phosphorus Plus

    The Phosphorus Plus 21% contains phosphorus enriched with organic acids and prebiotics that enhance the amount and speed of phosphorus absorption, which is a distinct feature from other common Phosphorus products.

    Adjusting the pH of the gastrointestinal tract prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and thus helps the intestine to be healthy. On the other hand, prebiotics prevent harmful microbes from sticking to the intestinal villi by binding to their cell-surface carbohydrate receptors. Therefore, the surface available for the absorption of nutrients such as Phosphorus and Calcium will increase.

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