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A new way to improve weight gain

Benefits :
  • Improving growth speed and production efficiency
  • Optimizing consumption of protein sources, especially soybean meal
  • Improving feed conversion ratio
  • The possibility of reducing the consumption of soybean meal in the ration
  • Using several protein sources with the aim of poultry economic ration
  • Reducing the occurrence of carcass downgrade (Due to the balance of essential/non-essential amino acids)
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing metabolic pressure on liver and kidney
  • Datails

    Providing the requirements for rapid growth during the short breeding period is an important principle of nutritional management.

    The growth of an animal means the increase of structural muscles, bones and organs of the body, the genetic potential largely determines the growth rate, the body structure and the weight of animal.

    Using a nutritional supplement that has a complete combination of all the nutritional factors necessary for growth, helps the bird’s potential to be achieved by providing the body’s needs.

    Feeding costs have a great impact on the productivity of poultry breeding units. The most expensive part of feed is related to energy and protein sources. In an unbalanced ration, with higher protein levels than required, feed cost will be higher. Therefore, production costs also increase, and on the other hand, low protein rations reduce growth performance and increase the risk of diseases.

    The results of various studies have shown that the best and most effective feeding method is to reduce the level of crude protein in the feed and use balanced levels of essential amino acids in the feed.

    One of the significant components in regulating the protein and balance of feed amino acids is the effect of the ratio of essential to non-essential amino acids on the performance and composition of the carcass. Recent studies have shown that in order to achieve the highest carcass weight and protein, it is necessary to provide the appropriate level of essential amino acids in a certain ratio from the ration protein.

    The important point here is the ratio of essential to non-essential amino acids, which in studies has had a significant effect on feed consumption, body weight, carcass yield, carcass protein percentage and total carcass fat

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