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2 step Aria Plus concentrate 2.5%

Smart flexibility in feeding management

Benefits :
  • Improvement of conversion rate
  • Improvement of production index
  • Reduction of breeding risks
  • Datails

    The multi-phase feeding system is one of the precise methods of feeding management to meet the needs of birds with different growth patterns, which can be used to prevent the occurrence of excess or deficiency of nutrients.

    The importance of nutrition in Two-step Aria Plus concentrate 2.5%

    New management methods in broiler breeding are aimed at increasing yield and productivity. Therefore, the use of a balanced feed in terms of all nutrients is considered as one of the important factors in achieving the maximum genetic potential of chickens and an appropriate and economic growth pattern, which has significant effects on productivity and overall economic efficiency. In two-step Aria Plus concentrate, it is possible to achieve the Economic Efficiency of Growth (EEG) with modern nutritional management based on the growth pattern.

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