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AminoFit Genius premix for factories

Formulation based on ideal amino acids

Benefits :
  • Ease in ration formulation
  • Adequate supply of required nutrients
  • Formulation based on ideal amino acids
  • Increase in the quality of feed pellet
  • Datails

    The importance of using premix in poultry feeding

    The supply of growth-limiting amino acids is essential in poultry, and part of the crude protein of the ration is used to supply these amino acids. Another important role of essential amino acids in poultry nutrition is their involvement in the immune system and oxidative defense, the deficiency of limiting amino acids can severely reduce the performance of the immune system and antioxidant defense. 

    Special premixes of AminoFit Genius

    The special premix category for poultry feed production is a dense product of micronutrients. The analysis and formulation of special premix for the production of poultry feed with the separation of essential amino acids based on production parameters such as the physiological needs of poultry in different periods of breeding and production, the breeder or producer’s demand for poultry feed based on the primary items used and also different breeding conditions, climatic and geographical conditions, as well as species and breeds of birds can be changed.

    For the first time, the formulation of poultry premixes is made by separating synthetic amino acids based on the pattern of ideal amino acids and it has the best mix and uniformity of feed micronutrients by reducing the level of crude protein sources. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the needs of the bird’s body and the actual balance of the ration are met, the breeders and producers of poultry feed will achieve the minimum waste of nutrients, the minimum human error, and also the supply of feed with the best combinations of nutrients which will be accompanied by maximum performance, and productivity for the breeder and the producer.

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