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A new solution to strengthen the egg shell

Benefits :
  • Containing compounds that improve the health of the reproductive system
  • Containing strong antioxidants
  • Containing immune system boosting compounds
  • Containing slow-release calcium sources
  • Containing active vitamin D3
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    The low quality of eggshell is one of the main problems of poultry breeders, which reduces the economic efficiency of egg production, as well as the Hatching ability, and increases embryo losses.

    Resistance to fragility and a healthy shell are very important to protect against the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the egg.

    The quality of the shell has a great effect on the economic efficiency of egg production.

    One of the main concerns in this field, is the reduction of shell quality with Flock age increasing, because the probability of breakage at the end of the laying period increases up to 20%. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the factors affecting the shell quality and efficient methods to improve the eggshell quality indicators in the poultry industry.

    Eggshell quality is influenced by various internal and external factors such as genetics, environment, age, nutritional factors and the health status of the bird, stress, etc. SuperShell supplement is effective in prevention of thinning, breaking, or creating hairline cracks in the eggshell by providing the required nutrients that are effective in the shell quality.

    The use of slow-release calcium sources in the composition of the SuperShell supplement, which has a longer retention time in the gizzard, and improves the supply and maintenance of the normal concentration of calcium, and also paying attention to the appropriate level of available phosphorus supply also results in the good quality of the eggshell.

    Vitamin D3 is necessary for the optimal use of calcium, so its appropriate level in the ration is important for the proper quality of the shell.

    Trace elements such as zinc, manganese and copper as cofactors of enzymes can affect the mechanical properties of eggshell by affecting the formation of calcite crystals and improve the crystalline structure of eggshell. The use of organic manganese compounds in the SuperShell supplement which improves the shell strength, reduces the negative effects of age on the shell quality and increases the resistance to the brittleness of the eggshell at the end of the laying period without affecting the physical and geometric parameters of the leg bone, leg bone ash and fingers, the percentage of thickness and density of the shell.

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