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Sepahan Daneh International Group started its activities in 2006 with 10 years of support in the livestock and poultry industry. Its mission has been established on the basis of honest service, innovation, scientism, production optimization and ultimately production of high quality, cost-effective and healthy products in animal husbandry industry.

Our Products

With the benefit of the largest livestock and poultry feed factories in Iran, Sepahan Daneh International Group produces a variety of products for livestock and poultry breeders.

It is worth mentioning, in addition to diversity of this group products in the field of livestock and poultry feed, they also have unique quality and have been able to meet the major share of the breeders’ requirements for all kinds of feed in the best possible way.

Sepahandaneh International Group, using the largest collection of livestock and poultry feed factories in the country, produces a variety of products for livestock and poultry farmers.
It is worth noting; Products of this international group in the field of livestock and poultry feed; In addition to diversity, it has a unique quality and has been able to meet the major part of the needs of breeders in the best possible way.

Poultry Products

Poultry Products

Livestock Products

What has made us different…

Global registration of Sepahan Daneh brand
The pre-eminent unit of livestock and poultry supplement and feed industries- 2015 & 2016
The first and only holder of a valid certificate in animal husbandry industry of Iran
The first and only holder of rank A certificate in the production process of livestock and poultry feed

Production complex

The production Complex of Sepahan Daneh International Group, with its modern production lines, an equipped cold storage for storing vitamins and minerals, well-equipped and advanced laboratories unit (Microbiology laboratory, Instrumental analysis laboratory, Chemistry laboratory), quality control unit (QC) and quality assurance unit, is one of the best and most equipped production and research complexes in the field of livestock and poultry feed production in the Middle East.

Specialized research laboratories

The group of specialized research laboratories of Sepahan Daneh which is known as a partner of Veterinary organization and a member of accredited laboratories, is one of the unique and efficient infrastructures of the group, which has got ISO 17025 standard certification from the National Accreditation Center of Iran and is a member of accredited laboratories.

Research and Development

Research and Development is very important in today’s world and has been considered as a driving engine of innovation and offering superior products and services by large manufacturing and service companies. Research and Development unit of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. with the benefit of the most experienced experts in nutrition, physiology of livestock and poultry in the country and with the aim of meeting the daily needs of its customers continuously, seeks to maintain quality, create innovation and use state-of-the-art knowledge and technology in the production of its products.

Contact us
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