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Genius Plus 2.5% Concentrate

Increasing economic productivity

Benefits :
  • Promoting the function of the immune system, due to the reduction of nutritional stress
  • Reducing the costs
  • Reducing the metabolic pressure
  • Reducing feed conversion ratio
  • Controlling mortality rate
  • Datails

    The importance of using Genius Plus concentrate in poultry nutrition

    In recent years, concerning nutritional advances in broilers, we have seen a very rapid growth of the bird’s body in a short period. In addition, due to the very intense metabolic pressure imposed on the bird’s body, the ability of immune system against bacterial and viral diseases will decrease. One of the most important ways to reduce metabolic pressure is to supply essential amino acids and adjust rations based on ideal protein. Genius Plus concentrate is designed and produced for this purpose, and by reducing the slope of the growth curve and consequently creating gentle growth, it increases the bird’s ability against metabolic and microbial diseases.

    One of the most important characteristics of an appropriate concentrate is to supply the nutrients needed by the bird and to be cost-effective. Some factors such as the bird breed, the climate of the breeding area, and the slaughter weight should be included in the main characteristics of the ration. With due attention to the unique formulation of this product, it is possible to consume a fixed type of concentrate in different age periods with different amounts.

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