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SID plus premix

2-5% improvement in the profile of digestible essential amino acids in the ration

Benefits :
  • Reducing the amount of soybean meal consumed in the ration
  • Reducing the metabolic pressure of the poultry flock
  • Solving the quality issues of soybean meal, without consuming expensive protein sources
  • Containing a suitable protein source, to balance the essential amino acids and achieve the ideal amino acid pattern
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    Protein is one of the main parts of poultry nutrition, and it is necessary to provide adequate levels of protein in the feed to support the proper growth of tissues, body maintenance, feather growth, bone health, resistance of the immune system and finally the optimal performance of the organism.

    The protein sources used in poultry feed are numerous and diverse, but due to the absence of protein supply sources and also the cost considerations of these sources, it is inevitable to take into account protein supplements as a substitute for soy in poultry feed.

    SID plus premix of Sepahan Daneh Co. is a suitable protein source to replace soy and it will reduce the metabolic pressure of the poultry flock, enhance the growth and immune system performance, improve the quality of carcass, make the cost price of the ration, cost-effective and increase the productivity in breeding units.

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