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2Step laying hen Genius concentrate 2.5%

Achieving the ideal egg mass in the entire production period for the Hy-line strain

Benefits :
  • Increasing economic productivity by improving production in Hy-line strain
  • Proportion between vitamins and amino acids in Hy-line strain
  • Uniform and suitable mix
  • Datails

    To achieve maximum production and its continuity in laying hens, the rations should be adjusted in such a way that all the necessary nutrients (Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals) can be provided in the best way and prevented them from experiencing nutritional and breeding-related stresses.

    The use of phytase enzyme in the composition of the 2-step concentrate causes the phytate molecule to break and release energy and amino acids in the ration. In addition, phytase causes the release of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Manganese. It also increases the ability to absorb Calcium, Phosphorus, and minerals.

    The addition of Threonine amino acid to 2-step concentrates ensures that the balance of amino acids in the recommended rations is well maintained and promotes the efficiency of the use of nutrients in the ration. In addition, the use of multi-enzyme in 2-step concentrates has made it possible to adjust cost-effective rations including wheat, barley, sunflower meal, canola meal, etc.

    Coordinated growth and having appropriate weight in different age periods of laying hens are some of the characteristics of using 2-step concentrates in feed rations and provide the necessary physiological conditions to enter the initial step of laying eggs and reach maximum production.

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