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PHYTAGOLD phytase enzyme

Specialized enzyme, for maximum release of phosphorus in the ration

Benefits :
  • Increasing the availability of phosphorus and other nutrients
  • Reducing the need for mineral sources of phosphorus such as DCP and MCP
  • Increasing productivity and reducing the cost of feed
  • Reducing nitrogen and phosphorus excretion from animals
  • Reducing environmental pollution
  • Datails

    Phytase enzyme is about half of the enzyme per capita used in the livestock and poultry industry and increases the bioavailability of nutrients, especially phosphorus. Monogastric animals such as birds, pigs and fish are not able to produce phytase enzyme and do not also have the ability to digest phytic acid in the ration. Phytate-Phosphorus absorbability for poultry varies from 5% to 60% depending on their age, and the absorbability increases with the addition of enzymes to the ration.

    PHYTAGOLD enzymes, are a new generation of phytase enzymes with fungal/bacterial origin, whose most important advantages are increasing the efficiency of enzyme production, the variety of enzymes produced, increasing heat resistance, and producing enzymes with higher purity.

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