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Toxin Binder

Safe protection against mycotoxins

Benefits :
  • Absorbing polar and non-polar mycotoxins
  • Supporting beneficial microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Increasing the power of liver detoxification
  • Improving the function of immune system
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    Mycotoxins are produced by a group of fungi called molds in response to high humidity and temperature conditions, as well as available oxygen (silages) during all periods of plant production and storage.

    Currently, mycotoxins are present in a wide range of animal feed, such as concentrates, green fodder, dry grasses, and silages. According to recent reports, more than 60% of feed products around the world are contaminated with at least one type of mycotoxin.

    When animals are fed with rations contaminated with mycotoxins, harmful effects such as reduced feed intake, reduced milk production, reproductive problems, reduced immune system function and death can occur.

    Common mycotoxins in silages include Aflatoxins, Trichothecene, Fumonisin, Zearalenone, Mycophenolic acid and Roquefortine C.

    What makes Golden Fix different from other mycotoxins:

    • No disturbance in the process of nutrients intake
    • Simultaneous intake of polar and non-polar fungal toxins
    • Resistant to feed preparation various processes (Including high temperature)
    • Effective and stable intake of mycotoxins throughout the gastrointestinal tract (Different pHs)
    • Supporting the optimal functioning of the immune system, reproduction, antioxidant and gastrointestinal tract of livestock
    • Improving the function of the liver, kidney and other organs without the intervention of toxins, including Endotoxins (LPS).

    6 component Mycotoxin binder contains a mixture of activated clay structures, yeast cell wall, alive yeast, phytogenic compounds, absorbent and decomposer of polar and non-polar toxins. It also increases the liver efficiency in detoxification.

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