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Xylanase enzyme

Specialized enzymes to improve the digestion of grain-based rations

Benefits :
  • Reducing the adverse effects of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP)
  • Facilitating the use of wheat in poultry feed ration
  • Reducing the cost price of feed
  • Improving feed conversion ratio
  • Reducing digestive problems caused by hemicellulose compounds
  • Reducing the viscosity of digestible substances in the intestine
  • Accelerating the process of digesting energy-rich feed ration and helping to absorb them better
  • Improving the energy value of feed
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    Xylanase enzyme is an important biocatalyst for the decomposition of hemicelluloses, including Xylan and Arabinoxylan. This enzyme is of special importance in various industries, including the food industry and other related industries. Xylanase enzyme can replace chemicals in these industries and minimize the toxicity caused by the use of chemicals in the products of the relevant industries. The use of enzymes in animal feed causes the hydrolysis of anti-nutritional factors and allergenic compounds in the feed ration and plays an important role in increasing the digestibility of nutrients and improving the growth of livestock and poultry. Xylanases help some digestive problems to be relieved such as reducing villus height, increasing levels of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, excreting unnecessary mucin, and chronic inflammation. It was also found that xylanases increase the apparent intestinal digestibility of amino acids in a ration based on corn and wheat, and accelerate the digestion process of energy-rich feed ration and help to absorb it better.

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