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Golden Fix Neo

6 components toxin binder, Golden Fix

Safe protection against mycotoxins

Benefits :
  • Absorbing polar and non-polar mycotoxins
  • Supporting beneficial microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Increasing the power of liver detoxification
  • Improving the function of immune system
  • Datails

    What makes Golden Fix Neo different from other mycotoxins:

    • No disturbance in the process of nutrients intake
    • Resistant to feed preparation various processes (Including high temperature)
    • Effective and stable intake of mycotoxins throughout the gastrointestinal tract (Different pHs)
    • Binding and excreting polar mycotoxins (Such as aflatoxins) and non-polar (Such as zearalenone)

    6 component Mycotoxin binder contains a mixture of activated clay structures, yeast-isolated cell wall, bioactive compounds, phytogenic compounds, absorbent and decomposer of polar and non-polar toxins. It also protects the liver.

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