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Classic Premixes

Pro 5% , Max 7.5% , Max 10%

Increasing feed efficiency

Benefits :
  • Improving reproductive performance
  • Reducing open days
  • Improving milk production and lactation continuity
  • Reducing mastitis
  • Improving nitrogen balance
  • Helping the buffer system of the rumen
  • Reducing mortality and involuntary
  • Increasing the power of the immune system
  • Maintaining the hoof health and body culling score
  • Datails

    Livestock concentrate premix

    A suitable ration should contain standard and uniform amounts of each feed item. The use of nutrients in higher or lower concentrations than the standard and with inappropriate distribution in the ration can cause the animal to suffer from lack of substances or poisoning, which in both cases will reduce the productive performance, reproduction and animal health.

    The production of premixes makes it possible to distribute trace elements of the ration in a safe and completely uniform way in the whole feed. The use of vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, buffers and flavorings in the form of concentrate premixes in rations minimizes the problems of livestock farmers. The production of high quality and standard premix requires careful attention to formulation, selection of diluents and carriers, dust control, type of mixer, order of adding raw materials, duration of mixing, complete emptying mixer. The packaging and storage of the product is also based on the latest world standards.

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