Vitamin and mineral supplements (GOLDEN SUP)

Sepahan Daneh International Group with the largest collection of factories producing livestock supplements and benefiting from advanced weighing and mixing technologies, specialized research and development teams and equipped and advanced laboratories, producer of various vitamin and mineral supplements for groups It is different for livestock. Vitamin and mineral supplements of Sepahan Daneh International Group are offered under the Golden Sap brand.

Enriched Supplements for lactating dairy cows

Powerflex dairy cow supplement

BASIC Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

ULTRA Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

EXTRA Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

GENERAL Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Concentrate premixes (GOLDEN MIX)

Sepahan Daneh International Group with the largest collection of livestock and poultry feed factories, benefiting from specialized research and development group (product formulation based on modern scientific findings), equipped and advanced laboratories (quality control of materials) and technologies Advanced weighing and mixing of feed (elimination of human errors) has produced a new generation of concentrate premixes. These products are formulated according to the needs of livestock depending on the type, genetic potential and physiological conditions of livestock and can reduce the cost of production in addition to meeting the needs of livestock for nutrients. Sepahan Daneh International Group concentrates are offered under the Golden Mix brand.

Pre-mixed Ecoflex

Economy series premixes

Classic series premixes

Complete feed (GOLDEN FEED)

Proper nutrition of calves has a great impact on the future management of livestock, Sepahan Daneh International Group calf starter feed is prepared from quality raw materials that, while being nutritious and economical, meet all the needs of growing calves. The physical form of this food is in the form of pellets and it is produced with the exclusive process of superconditioner so that the least damage to nutrients, especially vitamins, is caused due to indirect heat. The complete feed of Sepahan Daneh International Group is offered under the Golden Feed brand.

Super starter safety step 1 and 2

Active calf starter

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