Foreign trade department

The manufacturing-commercial complex of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. has always intended to make a bridge between the Co. and the international companies in order to supply the best raw materials. Furthermore, it has considered to export its products and combine global knowledge and offer innovative localization solutions.

The company’s policy has always been to purchase high-quality raw material directly from accredited domestic and international manufacturers without intermediaries because this fact will greatly help Sepahan Daneh to produce the highest quality products. In addition to supplying raw materials, Sepahan Daneh Co. has managed to build successful business relationships with companies from Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iraq through exporting its own products. Moreover, Sepahan Daneh Parsian CO. is the exclusive agent of Volzhsky CO. in Russia for DL-Methionine, IDENA CO. in France for ID AFIX and GL PART100, Huada CO. in China for Choline chloride, ZHEJANG GUOGANG BIOCHEMISTRY CO. for L-Threonine. The Corporate offices under the name of “Sepamix” and “Ista Gida Trim Trade” are active in Russia and Turkey, respectively.