After-sales service

The central idea of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. has always been: “The sale is not the end of the work, but it is just the beginning of a way.” Sepahan Daneh moves with poultry farmers and livestock breeders along this way to the end and it is a critical measure for achieving its goals. In line with this thought, an efficient after-sales service department with the purpose of providing services and creating peace of mind for customers came to existence along with Sepahan Daneh Co. establishment. The commercial and manufacturing group of Sepahan Daneh Parsian which is benefiting from university professors and experienced experts, aims to satisfy the poultry farmers and livestock breeders. It has also taken steps to implement Customer Experience Management (CEM) approach. The group has always been seeking to improve the quality of its products based on the latest scientific findings.

Sepahan Daneh Parsian’s customers are witness to the sympathetic assistance of the experts working all the time in after-sales service department and they are ready to fulfill customers’ needs. They also acknowledge that introducing and connecting each customer to an expert is one of the first steps that Sepahan Daneh Parsian takes for every customer. Setting up consulting voice system is another measure of after-sales service which aims to provide balanced and economical rations, offer technical and management solutions for educating, and to perform laboratory services with special conditions. Currently, in case of any problems or questions, poultry farmers and livestock breeders can contact the consulting voice system at any time of the day, or particularly they can contact any of the company’s after-sales service experts so that they can receive the required consulting services via telephone or at the discretion of the Co., or they can come to the Co. personally.

This group welcomes any constructive suggestions of activists in livestick industry in order to show their constructive role in promoting the livestock industry in Iran.