Twin Concentrate - To promote growth pattern

Twin Concentrate
  • It is possible to adjust the level of concentrate consumption during different rearing periods
  • achieve the best economic performance
  • Enjoying the best economic efficiency of growth (EEG)
  • Providing amino acids such as threonine, arginine and valine- as growth limiting amino acids in broiler chickens- in the composition of Twin Concentrate leads to a reduction in the level of crude protein in diet coupled with an improvement in the process of body gain, feed conversion ratio and an increase in the production efficiency in broiler chickens.
  • Free of any kind of animal protein sources
  • Includes two concentrations; 2.5% and 5%
  • The first holder of Iranian national standard certification for the production of all kinds of poultry feed concentrates
  • The first holder of Grade A certificate for the production of poultry feeds issued by Iran Veterinary Organization
  • The first holder of a license code for exporting products (IR) issued by Iran Veterinary Organization