Enriched supplements for lactating dairy cows

مکمل های غنی شده گاو شیری

 Increased Productivity, Optimized performance, and Standard Quality


  • Involves vitamin and mineral supplements for high producing, medium producing and low producing milk yield groups In the lactating cows

  • Reducing production of ammonia in the rumen, and increasing the flow of amino acids and peptides to the small intestine

  • Improving nitrogen balance in the body

  • Removing gram-positive bacteria in the rumen, and improving feed efficiency

  • Increasing propionate production in the rumen, and reduces negative energy balance

  • Preventing the incidence of metabolic diseases such as: ketosis, acidosis, and displaced abomasum

  • Improving metabolism of fatty acids

  • Reducing concentration of plasma non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA)

  • Improving liver function in the metabolism of fatty acids

  • Increasing feed intake and improving metabolism of energy

  • Increasing level of immunoglobulins in blood plasma, and improving the immune system function

  • Improving hair and body coverage

  • Preventing hoof lesions, and reducing lameness incidence

  • Transferring iron ions from transferrin (found in plasma) to ferritin

  • Increasing antioxidant properties, and reducing formation of free radicals

  • Participating in the mechanism of oxidation and cell regeneration

  • Increasing the proliferation of lymphocytes, and boosting immune system function

  • Reducing detrimental effects caused by heat and cold stresses