Calf Super-Starter

Calf Super-Starter
Stage 1 & 2 Safety
  1. Based on Metabolizable Protein
  2. High-quality raw materials
  3. Growth-stimulating compounds3. Feed intake-stimulating compounds
  4. The best balance of amino acids with a diversity of desirable protein sources
  5. Produced using the unique technology of Hygenizer-Super Conditioner
  6. The presence of fermentable fiber carbohydrates to stimulate rumen tissues development
  7. Use of vitamins and minerals with high bioavailability and least damage during cooking and preparation for pellets production
  8. Improving feed conversion rate and feed efficiency 
  9. Increasing the growth and development of the forestomach
  10. Reducing calves feed sorting
  11. Improving immune system performance 
  12. Reducing calf rearing costs and increasing productivity