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Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. started its activities in 2006. It has already been active for ten years in livestock and poultry industry along with scientific team in the areas of nutrition, health, and facilities. The main mission of the Co. concentrates on meeting nutritional needs of the livestock industry in Iran. Our customers are consumers of feed in the livestock and poultry breeding industry. By complying with the technical requirements and manufacturing standards, we are honored to receive an IR code from Iran Veterinary Organization. Thus, in addition to covering the domestic market, the company has been able to export its products to other countries. Sepahan Daneh products include a variety of feeds, vitamin and mineral supplements for poultry and livestock with customization capabilities, poultry concentrates and concentrated premixes for livestock.

Trying to meet the customers ‘needs caused us to implement a unique system of production in the factory. After many audits, the Sepahan Daneh production system managed to obtain accredited national and international certificates. This leads to the high quality of the final product and provides peace of mind for our customers.

The Co. executives believe that our customers are looking for economic value and productivity in breeding livestock and poultry. So Sepahan Daneh intends to produce high quality products in order to create this economic value. The other value on which Sepahan Daneh’s managers have emphasized, is the creation and development of specialized knowledge about nutrition which is offered to the customers in the form of specialized services along with the products. These specialized services also support the specialists in the field of nutritional specialized services by an Accredited Lab with ISO17025. Therefore, complying with the requirements of the end users and developing a quality orientation are the basic reason of designing products and services of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co.

Although Sepahan Daneh Co. works at the beginning of the human food chain and in the livestock and poultry manufacturing sector, the company has committed itself to creating a healthy society. By observing professional principles of feed manufacturing, the Co. has always strived to support social demands such as protecting the environment and assuring food security at the end of the chain.

We believe our human resources are the internal customers and we also believe that satisfaction of external customers depends on internal customer satisfaction. One of the main value of the Co. is functional specialization in various fields. Our managers believe that human resources are the capital and fundamental basis of competitive advantage. Therefore, maintaining the human dignity and paying attention to the needs of internal customers are considered to be the management principles of Sepahan Daneh Co.

We intend to keep in line with global changes in the specialized field of livestock and poultry nutrition and perform our economic/social mission as a leading manufacturer of livestock and poultry feed in Iran.


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