Vitamin D3 Premix

Vitamin D3 Premix
  • Prevents and treats rickets and hypocalcemia
  • Increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus of ration
  • Improves the eggshell quality
  • Improves the feed conversion rate and increases the egg production and hatchability








Mixed powder with feed

Vitamins are vital factors that must be present in the poultry diet in small amounts. Vitamin D3 is a class of water-soluble vitamins essential to the body that are effective in absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and significantly influence the poultry immune system function, skeletal structure, teeth, beak, nail, prevention of hypocalcemia, and eggshell quality as well. The activated form of vitamin D3 i.e., Cholecalciferol stimulates the calcium and phosphorus transfer in the intestinal epithelium and leads to an increase in their absorption in the intestine and reabsorption from the kidneys. Cholecalciferol is significantly important in the maturation and proper functioning of the macrophages and birds’ cellular immunity. Using adequate level of this vitamin in feed improves feed conversion ratio, increases egg production, and hatchability.

Retarded growth, severe leg weaknesses, and having trouble in walking are the first signs noted when chicks are deficient in vitamin D3. If vitamin D3 deficiency continues (in spite of the balance of diet in terms of calcium and phosphorus), poor feathering, marked skeletal disorders, beak and claws, bending of the spinal column, reduction in egg shell quality and resistance, increase in broken eggs, rickets, and legs dyschondroplasia are noted.

Using Sepahan Daneh vitamin D3 premix in poultry feed provides the body needs to this vitamin. However, if any deficiency symptom or disease is noted, you can get help from Sepahan Daneh nutritionists to increase the level of this vitamin in feed or drinking water.