Vitamin C Premix

Vitamin C Premix
  • Prevents and treats complications arising from environmental stress such as heat and cold
  • increases resistance against stress caused by vaccination and transport
  • Increases body resistance against infectious diseases
  • Increases fertility and hatchability
  • Improves the eggshell quality
  • Increases the strength and reduces the stress for the newborn calves and foals







Mixed powder with feed

Vitamins are vital factors that must be present in the poultry diet in small amounts. Poultry can synthesize vitamin C within their liver and kidney. Adjusting the Corticosterone secretion as an important glucocorticoids hormone in Gluconeogenesis, vitamin C prevents the loss of body reserves during stress. Vitamin C as an antioxidant protects the cells against the injuries incurred by oxidative tensions and is effective in improving immune system function by activating different vitamins (such as vitamin D3 ) or by intervention in the collagen formation. As this vitamin plays an important role in corticoid hormones synthesis, the need to this vitamin increases during a tension (such as heat stress, movement, vaccination, high crowd of chicks in the poultry house).
Vitamin C deficiency in poultry incurs disorders in skeletal and muscular structures, reduced eggshell quality, and reduced bird’s resistance to illnesses and infections.
Using Sepahan Daneh vitamin C premix in poultry feed meets the body requirement to this vitamin. However, in case of any deficiency symptom or disease manifestation get help from Sepahan Daneh nutritionists to increase the level of this vitamin in feed or drinking water.
Making Sepahan Daneh high quality vitamin premixes, precise observance of the storage conditions and duration, and the special technology of manufacturing have a significant role in increasing bioavailability, the provision of body requirements, and eventually the performance improvement and bird’s efficiency.