Vitamin A Premix

Vitamin A Premix Catalogue
  • Increases resistance against infectious diseases
  • Prevents and treats complications from vitamin A deficiency such as Keratinization of epidermal and epithelial tissues
  • Enhances the growth and prevents infertility and fetal loss
  • Improves vision
  • Leads to the bone growth
  • Increases the egg production





Mixed powder with feed

Vitamins are vital factors that must be present in the poultry diet in small amounts. Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins that supports poultry growth and health and its sufficient level within the diet boosts the growth, increases the resistance to infectious diseases, adjusts the immune system responses, protects the cells, and adjusts many of the body’s metabolic processes.
Vitamin A deficiency in poultry results in loss of appetite, growth retardation, drowsiness, weakness and lethargy, imbalance, emaciation, and ruffled feathers. Breeders markedly experience a drop in egg production, hatchability and an increase in embryonic mortality. As the deficiency continues, watery discharge and cheesy material accumulate in the eyes, making it impossible for birds to see. The epithelial and mucosal tissues are keratinized and the susceptibility to secondary infection may increase.
The poultry feed containing vitamin premixes, typically makes the susceptibility to vitamin A deficiency far impossible. However, in the event of vitamin deficiency or diseases emergence to increase its level in feed or drinking water, get help from Sepahan Daneh nutritionists.
Making Sepahan Daneh high quality vitamin premixes, precise observance of the storage conditions and duration, and the special technology of manufacturing have a significant role in increasing bioavailability, the provision of body requirements, and eventually the performance improvement and bird’s efficiency.