Two-stage enriched concentrate

Enriched two stage concentrate

Advantages :

  • Accurate calculation of the bird’s body requirements to each of the nutrients and providing physiological needs at different stages of breeding
  • Improving daily weight gain, increasing uniformity of daily weight, and reducing losses at the end of the period
  • Improving production efficiency of broiler flocks
  • Improving the function of the immune system and increasing the bird’s resistance to diseases
  • Lack of animal protein sources
  • With the best uniformity in the mix
  • This company has been the first one to received the National Iranian Standard Certificate for the production of poultry feed concentrates
  • This company has been the first one to receive Certificate A for production of poultry feed from Iran Veterinary Organization
  • This company has been the first one to receive of Export license code for products (IR) from Iran Veterinary Organization





Due to the genetic modifications that have taken place in recent years and increase in the growth rate of broiler chickens, any nutrient deficiency at each stage of growth will result in lack of optimal performance at the end of the period.
Therefore, the exact formulation of feed in accordance with the physiological needs of broiler chickens at each stage of growth is the most important factor in achieving maximum genetic potential. In the formulation of two-stage enriched concentrate, various feed components and used micronutrients are precisely determined based on the nutrient components of the ingredients and the physiological needs of the bird’s body at each stage of breeding. At every stage it is only necessary that the poulterer provides the bird with the concentrate of the stage. This concentrate is provided according to the recommendations of specialized services experts of Sepahan Daneh Co. Therefore, by providing body requirements with these nutrients, maximum performance and production efficiency are obtained and poulterer can offer a uniform herd in terms of weight with Optimal Food Conversion Efficiency and low mortality.