Global concentration exclusively for the period of breeding in laying hens



  • Suitable and proper levels of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of breeding period in laying hens
  • Growth and proper development of skeleton and muscular system as well as the bird’s immune systems
  • Suitable proportion of calcium to phosphor for proper reservation of calcium in the body of the bird and promoting reservation of calcium to prevent emergence of skeleton disorders, muscular  weakness as well as creating suitable efficiency in the production phase



Today, different strains of commercial laying hens show much more sensitivity toward management of the breeding especially the diet due to breeding and improvement in genetic potential. Such sensitivity is very important in the breeding period since growth of skeleton system is very quick in such phase. Moreover, balanced proportions of energy and protein of the rations in this period requires the bird to reach sexual puberty in a suitable weight.
Since positive balance of the energy in this period leads to many items such as maximum production, the optimized solidarity of the bird's skeleton system, supporting maximum production and the best quality of the egg in the production phase, it is important to pay attention to it during breeding period. This is because such balance won't be possible in the production phase and it will lead to loss in production.
Achieving suitable performance of the growth and immunity are very important in the breeding phase since it causes the birds to have a suitable condition to create optimized metabolism of calcium. Moreover, it will keep skeleton's system solidarity and prevents from emerging side effects resulting from loss or imbalance such as decrease in production, decrease in the quality of the egg shell, skeletal abnormalities, and increased casualties and so on. Furthermore, the bird's genetic potential will be possible in a best way. Global concentration exclusively for the period of breeding laying hens will not only leads to meeting needs of breeding period in laying hens but it will lead to proper growth and development of skeletal and muscular system as well as improving performance of the bird's immune system in different breeding conditions. Moreover, suitable balance of amino acids of global concentration will lead to the herd's uniformity at the start of the production phase which will have much importance in the increase of economic efficiency and production output.