Concentrate for turkeys

Turkey concentrate
  • Meets the needs of the body proportionate to the growth period
  • Improves the feed conversion ratio, and this diet is economical
  • Nutritional management proportionate to the strain
  • Includes two concentrations, 2.5% and 5%
  • The first holder of Iranian national standard certification for the production of all kinds of poultry feed concentrates
  • The first holder of rank A certificate for the production of poultry feeds issued by Iran Veterinary Organization
  • The first holder of a license code for exporting products (IR) issued by Iran Veterinary Organization



The two-step concentrate 5% for turkeys has been designed based on the latest needs of B.U.T and Nicholas breeds. The step-1 concentrate is used to feed from the beginning of the rearing period until the age of 10 weeks, and the step-2 concentrate from the age of 11 weeks until slaughter age.
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