Aminofit economy and enriched pre-mixes

Aminofit packet


  • Accurate formulation of feed based on the needs of bird’s body
  • Reduced level of crude protein and more accurate and reliable provision of amino acids in the diet
  • Reduction of nutrient losses, especially essential amino acids and improving economic efficiency
  • Distribution improvement and increased uniformity of nutrients in final feed
  • Increased uniformity coefficient and amount of material mixture, and reduction of human error in weighing
  • Reduced metabolic pressure of bird’s body
  • Achieving maximum genetic potential
  • Increased performance and productivity in breeding units
  • Reduction of environmental pollution caused by removal of excessive nitrogen from rearing units


According to the fact that today poultry are selected based on improvement of feed conversion ratio and high growth rate, feed composition is considered as one of the important factors in determination of nutritional efficiency. The progress made in growth rate and feed conversion in broilers has been remarkable in recent years. Composition of consumed feed is related to bird’s physiology, nervous system, and nutritional requirements for growth, maintenance and resistance to diseases. According to requirements of bird, precise formulation of feed plays an important role to achieve maximum genetic potential. In formulation of pre-mixes for poultry feed production, the concept of ideal amino acid, based on the requirements of essential and non-essential amino acids for protein synthesis in the body has been used where amino acids balance is calculated relative to each other, and using lysine level as reference amino acid.

 aminofit lysine methionine 


Importance of using Premixes in Poultry nutrition :

Concentration of amino acids in diet should provide animal’s needs depending on genotype, gender, age, performance goals and breeding conditions. Any deficiency or excess of these elements will reduce amino acids efficiency and increase nitrogen excretion. Therefore, for optimal formulation of feed, it is essential to know the proper balance of amino acids in the diet. In implementing the ideal protein concept, amino acids of feeds are essential ingredients to create this equilibrium in formulation of feed, which is important in performance, efficiency and respect to environment. Using this criterion, with a little precision, can provide an accurate assessment of feed ingredients and enhance performance. Providing amino acids that limit the growth is important for poultry and part of the crude protein will be used to supply these amino acids. For example, if the amount of methionine in poultry diet is not at a desirable level, feed intake and, consequently, feed conversion ratio will increase. Lysine may affect the length of villi in intestine. Thus, lysine deficiency may decrease the absorption of nutrients from intestines. Another important role of amino acids in poultry nutrition is their involvement in immune system and oxidative defense, deficiency of limiting amino acids may greatly reduce the performance of immune system and anti-oxidant defense of bird. According to recent advances in biotechnology, today, it is possible to use pure amino acids in diets, and reduction of crude protein level and replacement of synthetic amino acids due to reduction of metabolic pressure on bird has been more and more considered.


Amniofit special premixes

Premix bundle of poultry feed is a dense product of micronutrients. Analysis and formulation of premixes for poultry feed production can be changed by separating essential amino acids based on production parameters such as physiological needs of poultry bodies during different rearing and production periods, demand of breeder or producer of poultry feeds according to raw materials, different breeding conditions, climatic and geographical conditions, as well as birds’ species and breed. In current feeding systems, needs of birds’ body are not satisfied comprehensively and specifically in different situations and periods, and in most cases, due to addressing needs at a level and not paying attention to other nutrients (especially in relation to amino acids that play an important role in achieving optimal growth and performance), as well as not paying attention to interactions between nutrients, the results have not been satisfactory.

Specifications of aminofit special pre-mixes

Premix formulation of poultry, with separation of synthetic amino acids based on ideal profile of amino acids, and reduction of crude protein sources, has the best mix and uniformity of feed micronutrients, thus poultry feed breeders and manufacturers in addition to ensure about bird's body requirements and actual balance of (according to proper CV1 of products), have the minimal waste of nutrients, least manpower errors and provide feeds with the best nutrient components, which will be accompanied by maximum performance and productivity for breeder and manufacturer.


Performance of special aminofit premixes in poultry nutrition

In rations based on corn-soybean meal, especially when reducing protein levels, essential amino acids limit the growth. According to recent studies, it has been shown that when feed protein reduces, essential amino acids can be limited. Nowadays, using the ideal protein concept in feed formulation with common poultry feeds is an important issue, since using this method it is possible to provide more accurate and reliable amino acid rations. This has been considered in formulation of poultry special premixes, and the product is adjusted based on separation of essential amino acids. Regardless of analysis, this product has been imported into poultry feed industry as a group of products. Formulation of poultry feed premixes, can be varied based on environmental and geographical conditions, requirements of different species of poultry with different breeding period (starter-grower-finisher) and essential amino acids needed in each period for each type and raw materials consumed per production unit. As it can be seen in following diagram, with changing feed intake in different stages of rearing period, bird body requirements to different amino acids will be variable. Accordingly, we can adjust the formulation of interested premixes, based on these requirements for different types of poultry ((broiler, laying poultry, breeders, ostrich, turkey, etc.) in Different breeding and production periods. In order to achieve maximum genetic potential of poultry, the nutritional requirements of the living bird must be fully met. In special premix of poultry feed production, with reduction of crude protein sources level and using synthetic amino acids, homogeneity coefficient of materials increases, which is a statistic criterion to measure the degree of mixing and uniformity of materials, and has a significant effect on actual product and precursor balance of materials and improves the quality of final products and its nutritional equilibrium, and minimum nutritious material loss.

Suitable for feed production factories

Nowadays commercial poultry strains are highly effective in the use of nutrients. Therefore, considering formulation and production process of used feeds plays an important role in meeting the requirements of these fast-growing birds and achieving maximum genetic potential, using pre-mixed Amino acids in production of poultry feed (with reduction of crude protein sources level) increase uniformity reduce coefficient of variation (CV), which is a statistical criterion to measure the degree of mixture and uniformity of materials, and has a significant effect on actual product balance and exact mix of ingredients. Distribution improvement and uniformity of nutrients in final feed allows the production of a feed with optimal quality nutritionally (especially essential amino acids) as well as reduction of various errors (labor error, weighing error, mix error, etc.) and minimum nutrients waste for manufacturers; in addition, it prevents from additional costs (caused by nutrient imbalances, especially essential amino acids) for breeders. According to the fact that a significant proportion of raw materials used in poultry feed, in particular sources of protein and essential amino acids, is related to imported sources, accurate calculation of requirements level to each of these materials and improvement of quality and uniformity of final product plays an important role in economic development of poultry feed production process.

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