Ultra vitamin and mineral supplement

Ultra vitamin and mineral supplement catalogue
  • Improving energy metabolism and reduces metabolic disorders incidence
  • Boosting immune system and assurance of transition cow health
  • Increasing milk yield, improving reproductive performance 
  • Reducing postpartum uterine infections
  • Improving feed efficiency
  • Coated of vitamin A
  • The uniformity in the mix
  • Produced with the best raw materials (European)
  • National standards of animal supplements (339485926)





 Enhance the genetic potential of livestock and changes the nutritional system in recent years has highlighted the role of vitamin and mineral supplements to support health and more production. Use of common diets (especially containing high concentrate) alone cannot meet the vitamins and minerals requirement in animals with current production level. The situation in the transition cows (21 days before to 21 days after calving) is critical. Vitamins and trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and cobalt play important roles incorporating with proteins involved in metabolism, immune system, production and reproduction. The lack of individual of the vitamins and minerals can lead to metabolic disorders, suppress the immune system and susceptibility to infectious diseases, and poor reproductive performance. The low productivity in animals is mainly due to nutritional factors out of which more than 40% could be attributed to the mineral imbalances and vitamin (Animal Health Year Book of FAO/WHO). Early studies have shown that forage hays are deficient in copper, cobalt, zinc and selenium. The concentration of trace minerals and vitamins is very limited in corn silage. However, because of 1) variation of concentrations of minerals and vitamins A, D and E in feedstuffs 2) The impacts of various factors such as plant mature, conditions of harvesting, storage and 3) Different of bioavailability vitamins and minerals, we must use of mineral and vitamin supplements to support optimum health and production. The fat soluble vitamins (e.g., vitamins A, D, E) are essential for ruminants including bovine. Other vitamins such as vitamin K and the B complex may be made in the body due to the special status of anatomy and physiology of the digestive system of ruminants.

Sepahandaneh parsian Group with knowledge of all the issues and use of the latest technologies and standards and rely on the knowledge of animal nutrition specialists in a team of research and development have formulated vitamin and mineral supplements as first generation (General), second generation (Extra and Ultra) and third generation (Supra) for all animal groups.


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