Transition Special supplement

Transition Special supplement catalogue
  • A significant reduction in the incidence of postpartum metabolic disorders
  • Improving energy balance of animalsImproving reproductive performance
  • Reducing mortality and culling in dairy herd
  • Increasing milk yield
  • Improving economic index herd












Dry period regarded as a critical stage in the life cycle of dairy cows. In this period of increased metabolic stress such as; fetal weight gain, severe hormonal changes and decreasing dry matter intake postpartum increase risk of metabolic disorders (such as milk fever, Displaced Abomasum, ketosis, fatty liver, etc.). Using of special feed additives to improvement of energy metabolism and protein, protein sources of by-pass (suitable amino acid profile) and glycogenic components may reducing metabolic stress when animal is in transition period. Sepahandaneh parsian Group with knowledge of all the issues and use of the latest technologies and standards and rely on the knowledge of animal nutrition specialists in a team of research and development have formulated transition special supplement.


This supplement improve energy metabolism due to reducing DMI after calving. Therefore, it prevent from metabolic disorders incidence. Glycogenic components increase blood glucose level through promoting gluconeogenesis pathway. As a result, adipose mobilization and blood NEFA level is reduced by increasing insulin levels. Subsequently, it decrease fatty acids accumulation in liver and decrease ketosis and fatty liver incidence.