The honor of receiving the tablet and statue of exemplary producing plant in Isfahan province by Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co

National Conference of the Engineering Day selected Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. as the exemplary producing plant in Isfahan province to demonstrate the nation’s high agricultural capacity once again. The tablet and statue of the conference were awarded to the management of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. production and commercial group.

Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. after receiving the statue of the exemplary standard plant in Isfahan province, included among a hundred superior brands in Iran’s agricultural and animal husbandry industries, was chosen as the selected plant of agricultural industry, and earning the research and development certification only during the past year, has one-handedly proven that the industry of agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and poultry breeding, if a little taken into consideration, aside from securing the nation’s food supply, can also play a great role in the export of agricultural products to other countries and foreign exchange income.
Of course, the research and development team in Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. had already proved this fact by presenting scientific articles to national and transnational conferences and earning top ratings.