Earning the appreciation tablet of the superior entrepreneur of Isfahan province by Dr. Hamidreza Ghalamkari, manager of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co

The 11th festival of celebrating the top entrepreneurs in Isfahan province was attended by Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare was held in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce and the activities of provincial entrepreneurs in three sectors of industry, agriculture and services were evaluated and finally 34 firms were introduced as top entrepreneurs. The indicators of choosing top entrepreneurs were the number of qualitative and quantitative inventions, innovation level, and innovative moves to acquire the market, localization of technology, using new and knowledge-based technologies, and the rate of utilizing workforce and job creation.



In this festival, Dr. Hamidreza Ghalamkari, manager of Sepahan Daneh Parsian Co. successfully earned the superior entrepreneur title from the Ministry of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare. This title appreciates his pioneering work and excellence in line with the development of entrepreneurship and job creation and an example of innovative business to demonstrate that agricultural activities, supported with some investment, can bring about economic autonomy, employment and prosperity for the people of the country.